Donnerstag, Juli 28, 2005


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It's so hot! I was so hoping, that we would get a really crabby summer with cool temperatures and no reason at all to go outside. Now it is 36° C outside and I definitely do not want to leave my room, but neither am I able to concentrate. Not good, especially since I am supposed to write my thesis and I haven't even started yet. I have read lots and lots of books and articles, but not a single sentence yet. My professor okayed my outline on Tuesday and I am ready to start for REAL.
I did have a really good day yesterday. I was visiting my family and went shopping with my Mom and my sisters. They left for North Carolina this morning and were so excited. It is there first time going on a long trip and they have never been to the States before. They will have a great time there, visiting friends, going to the beach and to the mall. It should be teenager-wonderland for them.

I love to hear that it gets super warm in Germany. I have only been there in the winter months when the weather is a lot like it is here in Seattle, Washington.

We are going back to Berlin in a few weeks and I can't wait!!
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