Montag, Juni 26, 2006


This will be mine

Yes, I found a place! A very wonderful, very big, very central and a little expensive place to live. I fell in love with the apartement as soon as I walked into the door. The house was build in 1954, but is renovated with central heating and all sorts of modern stuff. There are only 5 apartements, which is great! I hate those big impersonla houses and I really like to know my neighbors. My apartment is on the ground floor and has this beautiful balcony. The room is quite big with a niche for my bed. The kitchen and bathroom are seperate rooms (yes, no kitchen closet) and, well, I just love it. I'll be signing the papers on Saturday and I can move in on August 15th! Can't wait!

Donnerstag, Juni 22, 2006


This train does not go to the stadium

Australian soccer fans have invaded Stuttgart. Really, they have! They all look so cute and hopeful in their green and yellow shirts and with plastic kangaroos they carry arround all day long. I am really hoping they will make it to the next round. Thex deserve it and I do love the Aussie Fans! My dad and my brother are there right now and we can't even watch the game: stupid german TV only shows the match Brazil:Japan... What I love most about Stuttgart being a FIFA World Cup City is the announcements in the trains: they do it in any kind of language. Today (because Australia plays Croatia) it was in english and croatian. They even announce, for the poor passengers that cannont be home at 4 o'clock every afternoon, the results of the games. And my favorite radio station does the traffic announcements in english, french or dutch! Very cool, relaxed and international atmosphere everywhere.

Dienstag, Juni 20, 2006



I am looking for a place to live at the moment. My standards are not extremly high, but I have a few things I could not live with. This kind of kitchen is one of them! I could possibly live without a balcony. I do not need a garage. I'll consider any location, that is between 5 and 45 minutes away from my work place. However, I need space and a kitchen! Hopefully, I will find something nice and affordable (I know, Stuttgart is not affordable, but a girl can dream...) by September. Just gotta keep looking!

Sonntag, Juni 18, 2006


Soccer Party

This pic is a week old, but I think it really represents the state Germany is still in. There are flags everywhere, which is new for us, because flags were always seen as something nationalistic! And people are soo excited and happy and optimistic. Also something new in grumpy old Germany! Our boys better keep playing so good and make it to the finals!

Donnerstag, Juni 15, 2006



Originally uploaded by heutehiermorgendort.

The sky this afternoon - minutes befor a severe thunderstorm with hail and lightning hit us! Our yard was even struck by lightning, which made a terrible noise and apparently created a redish white light! Nothing happened and I am very sad, that I did not see anything - I was showering at the time. Not such a brilliant idea, when I look back...

Mittwoch, Juni 14, 2006


Ein Aufschrei der Erleichterung...

...geht durch Deutschland. 1:0 gewonnen in einem Fußballspiel, das so manches graue Haar hervorgerufen haben dürfte. So gut haben wir gespielt und so wenig ist dabei rumgekommen - bis zur 91. Minute und dem Tor der Erleichterung! Jetzt können wir alle ruhig schlafen und ns morgen ansehen, gegen wen wir denn im Achtelfinale spielen könnten. England, Schweden, Paraguay oder doch mein persönlicher Favorit Trinidad & Tobago? Die haben übrigens ein super Song-Arsenal zum freien Download! Besonders zu empfehlen der Team-Song "Fighter".

Samstag, Juni 10, 2006


Zeit, dass sich was dreht

That's the title of the official German woldcup song by Herbert Grönemeyer! I like it, but it is really weird.... You can listen to it at the iTunes music store.
So, finally, the day has arrived and the Worldcup has started. I went to a really great party last night and we had soo much fun watching the german team win the opening game. My brother had more fun though, because he actually had a ticket and went to Munich. I guess, that is one thing you will always remember. Today, Argentina is playing and I will be rooting for them as well. It is so special and exciting to be the hosting nation of this major sports event. Stuttgart is packed with tourists and fans and I will try to watch at least one game on a giant screen in the city. And after last night, I think we have a good chance of surviving the 1st round. The weather has turned arround as well. Summer is here! Yeah! Last week, we had temperatures in the 50's and I was wearing my winter coat!

Montag, Juni 05, 2006


Rhetorik erster Klasse

Eddi Stoiber erklärt uns, was es so mit dem "Problembären" in Bayern auf sich hat.
Der Mann sollte sich mal eine Rhetorik-Schulung gönnen!
Selten so gelacht.

Donnerstag, Juni 01, 2006


Hmmm, Jane Eyre?

And I haven't even read the book yet!

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