Mittwoch, Juli 20, 2005



I know, it is not language week, but since I have been watching an english DVD, reading english books and not talked to ANYONE the whole day (if you do not count the 2 second chat with the salesperson at the bakery), I am posting in english now. Might appear weird to you, but the longer I don't actually use this language, the more I miss it. Well, my being-hidden-in-my-room-to-write-my-thesis-phase has really started now. So far, so good. Last night I watched my first "official" Biopic and since I liked it and because it is a recent movie and because there is a 1946 movie about Cole Porter, I might actually write about it. As you read in the title, I watched De-Lovely with Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd about the songwriter/ composer Cole Porter. I have to admit, neither being American nor a big Musical Fan, I had never heard of him before the movie came out. Now, I can't get his music out of my head. He is not very famous at all in Germany, even though some of his songs seemed to be familiar. I absolutely loved the idea to have contemporary musicians such as Robbie Williams, Sheryl Crow (shame on you for dating that sleezy biker) or Elvis Costello perform the songs. If I ever have money again, I will so purchase the Soundtrack. That said, the movie itself is pretty average. Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd have no real chemistry and she is actually the one that strikes out. I always liked her as an actress and the role of Linda Porter is perfect for her. She gets to be a leading lady through and through. Kevin Kline on the other hand, even though he played gay guys before, can not pull off "being" Cole Porter. He is good in the music scenes and I was impressed that he actually played the piano himself most of the time. Now I am heading towards my DVD-Player to watch Stauffenberg (it is July 20th after all), a german TV-Biopic that premiered a year ago.
I probably won't post tomorrow, because I am going on a surprise trip with work. More about that another day.

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