Dienstag, Juli 05, 2005


Life is better

Life is better today and, because I just read about Language Week, I decided to participate, even though I am starting a little late.
I learned English, Latin and French in school and Spanish a little later in college and in Argentina. My Latin is nonexistent ("Habemus papam" is pretty much the only sentence I could come up with, even if you forced me with a gun!). However, my English is pretty good and I will try to blog in Spanish and French, too. Should be embarrassing, but fun to read.
I am feeling a lot better today, I had my exam (quite easy) and we even finished our movie-project! Now, all we have to do is copy it on DVD and give it to our professor next week.
Oh, and I still did not write about the great time I had at the Peter und Paul Fest on Sunday. My friends were all busy, so I went with my Mom and my Grandma. We did not understand why she'd want to go there on a Sunday night, but she did. I think part of the reason was, that she had missed my sisters big band concert in May and she wanted to hear them play. Well, we went there at about nine o'clock, just walked around a bit and ate a Rahmflecken (Food speciality from Medieval times :-)).
I love going there Sunday nights, when all the tourist have left and only the locals are there.
The funniest thing was seeing my brother in the medieval garments; I am used to seeing my sisters in their beautiful dresses, but him... He looked rather handsome I'd say.
A nice Sunday, followed by a lousy Monday and a successful Tuesday.
Should be an interesting week!

At everyone who read the blog: My outfit was not funny.
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