Sonntag, August 21, 2005


I'm so excited

Last night, I had a looong conversation with my Ex-Host-Mom in Wisconsin. I've been an Au-Pair with her and her Kids in 2001 and 2002. However, we've really been keeping in touch over the past three years and I have visited them twice already. The thing is, she is Canadian, not American and she had moved to Wisonsin six years ago for a lot of complicated reasons. For two years now, she has been talking about going back to Canada to be closer to family and friends and just to be back home! It turns out she's starting her new job in Canada on Monday, one of the Kids is already starting school in Canada and they are hoping to sell their house very quickly so they can move the two younger Kids and buy a house. It's all very complicated, but I am so hoping for them, that their life will be a little easier once they actually moved. She asked me to come in the fall and help them move, but I really do not know, if I can. It all depends on the date they move and if I will be able to take some time off school and work. Who knows what will happen!

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