Sonntag, August 14, 2005



Beautiful film, wonderful acting, but still disappointing. I think, they could have done a lot more with the life of such a diverse and intriguing novelist like Iris Murdoch. I never read any novel of hers, but I have read a lot about her as a person. The film is wonderful in aspects of covering her life as an old person, but it lacks coverage of her as a student or middle-aged woman. You do not see, how she got to be the person she was. However, I suppose that was not the intention of Richard Eyre, the director. He wanted to show the relationship between Iris and her husband. The difficulties they were having once she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. I think, I like any movies, that feature Kate Winslet and/ or Judi Dench. I think they are wonderful actresses and Jim Broadbent deserved the Academy Award he got for this role.

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