Donnerstag, September 29, 2005


10 years ago...

I haven't been tagged, but since this is all over blogs now, I decided to do it anyway:

10 years ago... was September 1995, my brother had just spend the summer in the hospital and had had his first operation (out of three). My sisters had started first grade that year and I had started eighth grade. I was still really skinny in a pre-pubescent way. I cannot remember al lot from that fall, except the hospital and that my brother was made class representative, even though he barely attended school that year. It was a sad summer, the next year, 1996 was way better because I went to New York City with my aunt!
Five years ago...
... it was September 2000. I had spend my summer in Berlin, doing an internship. After that I started my last year in school. One of my best friends had her 19th birthday on Sept 21st and me and two other (goy) friends recorded a CD. We had the best time ever and I still remember everyone crying so hard from laughing, when they listened to the CD for the first time.
One year ago...
... I was living in Bueos Aires, doing an internship. I travelled a lot in the country and just generally had a great time. I miss South America and I would like to go back!
... I only left my apartment once, to buy THE BEST CAKE EVER at my bakery (that is located about 30 seconds away). I went to bed early because I was having a headache and I tried to finish as much as possible of my thesis. And I also watched "Sophie Scholl-Die letzten Tage" in the afternoon.
5 songs I know all the words to:
All that she wants by Ace of Base
Vulnerable by Roxette
Abenteuerland by Pur
Flugzeuge im Bauch by Herbert Grönemeyer
All Star by Smash Mouth
5 snacks:
5 things I'd do with 100 million euros:
Buy two or three houses because real estate is the way to go
Travel arround the world in business class and sleep in hotels that cost more the 10 bucks a night
Donate money to UNICEF
Buy a car
Invite all my friends and family for a cool vacation somewhere
5 places I'd run away to:
my Grandparents house in the Black Forest
my Aunt in Berlin
Buenos Aires
But I seriously think running away is not the answer (I do)
5 things I'd never wear:
High Heels (Carrie Bradshaw High)
Shirts with a "message"
Holiday-Themed Sweater
Hot Pants
5 favorite books (that's an almost impossible one to answer):
The Harry Potter Series
Das fliegende Klassenzimmer by Erich Kästner
Die Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann
100 Jahre Einsamkeit by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Brunetti books by Donna Leon
5 favorite TV Shows:
The OC
Gilmore Girls
Desperate Houswives
Sex and the City
5 greatest Joys:
Cheap Airline Tickets
5 favorite toys:
mp3 player
my parents coffee maker
DVD Player
Current Read:
Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage. Das Buch zum Film

Great post Katja! You are so similar to me, and I'm even a fan of Desperate Housewives and I really enjoyed the Premiere last Sunday. I had no clue that show was abroad too. Also like you, I love to travel, but the world is not such a safe place anymore and there has been another bombing in Bali, Indonesia today! I was there in 1997, it was heaven on earth, and it's sad to see the terrorists casting a dark shadow over the beautiful island of Bali. If I won 100 million euros I would use the money to start a coalition on improving relations between the West and the Muslim World.
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