Sonntag, September 11, 2005



On September 11th 2001 I was in Wisconsin. I was working as an Au Pair and everything was still new to me. School had just started the week before. On that morning, I was driving the Kids to their schools, when I heard about the first crash on the radio. I witnessed the second one on TV, but I did not realize how serious it was, until I received a phone call from a friend from Germany. She said, that my parents were trying to reach me and then it hit me: this is bad, really bad, when even people in Germany are watching this on TV! (Note: I had not talked to my parents since July at this point, because I was kind of homesick, we just emailed)
That was four years from today, long time ago and still it seems like yesterday.
The pictures were taken in May 1996, my first visit to the NYC as well as my first visit to the USA. A trip to remember.

Amazing that it's been 4yrs. siince 9/11, it seems like only yesterday that our T.V. screens were filled with images of the burning Twin Towers. It was quite tragic. I visited NYC in May 2004, I saw Ground Zero and it'll be exciting to see the area in maybe another 5yrs., once the replacement is built.
Great photos -- really is a sad skyline. Love your blog! -- Janet
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