Montag, September 05, 2005



I know, a lot of people might not believe what I say now: there is a good, even great J.Lo movie out there apart from Out of Sight. I watched Selena tonight, a biopic about the mexican-american singer Selena, who was shot in 1995, just when her career was about to really take off. I had never even heard of her, until I researched for my thesis... Jennifer Lopez has been in some really crabby movies. I am not saying, that she is a bad actress, I just think she has gotten a lot of bad press in the last years. However, The Wedding Planer, Jersey Girl (okay, small role) or Shall we Dance are all BAD movies, or at least I did not enjoy them (and do not even get me started on Gigli).
Selena was a really nice surprise and a very entertaining and heartwarming film.
Oh, and there is supposedly another great movie with Jennifer Lopez, Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman coming up. It has gotten great reviews by US critics. You can watch the trailer to An Unfinished Life here.
Correction: It is ten minutes later now and I researched some of the reviews of An Unfinished Life. It has gotten some great reviews and some bad ones as well (i.e. by Variety)!

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