Montag, Oktober 31, 2005


Halloween-Boom is over in Germany

Happy Halloween to everyone who goes trick-or-treating tonight. I even bought candy for my parents to hand out in case some kids show up. However, this morning I heard on the radio, that the Halloween-Boom in Germany is over. It reached its peak about 2 or 3 years ago and since then, it is going down. I can't say, that I am sorry to hear that. I loved Halloween, when I lived in the US, but Halloween is no german tradition at all. That is the reason, why it is only a commercial "holiday" here.

In my opinion, it is more important to preserve our traditions for our kids. On November 11th we have St. Martin's Day. On that day, the Kids go on walks with their Kindergarten classes and lanterns and sing traditional songs. A man on a horse rides in front of the group. He represents Martin of Tours, who became famous for cutting his cloak in two pieces, after seeing a freezing beggar. Hands down, one of my favourite days in November.

And today, we Protestants celebrate Reformation Day to remember Martin Luther and the day he supposedly nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg castle church. As I am currently living in a mostly catholic state, we have the day off tomorrow, on All Saints Day. Lots and lots of occasions to reme,ber and celebrate in November and no need to adapt anglo-american traditions here. And don't feel sorry, that the Kids cannot dress up today. We have the tradition of carnival in February and there is plenty of time and reason to do it then!

Does that mean no candy? Candy is what Halloween is really all about!
I enjoyed reading your Halloween blog. That was very informative. Thanks for writing.
Actually, the holidays you describe sound much more meaningful than Halloween is here. We all had fun tho! Thanks for stopping by my site. If you check back this afternoon, I should have Halloween pictures of my little ones posted!

Hapy All Saints Day!
Halloween is the quintessential American Holiday and it takes a sense of humor to really make the most of it, a trait lacking in most Germans. I do agree that many holidays get commercialized, which is why Thanksgiving is becoming the more meaningful family holiday in America. Christmas is all about the shopping these days. What troubles me about Europe though, is not immigrants are never made to feel welcome, and even you guys holidays reflect that. I really appreciate the fact that I live in a more secular society that is open to diversity.
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