Sonntag, Oktober 02, 2005


Letter from Kendra

Kendra at Another Day wrote me a very nice letter yesterday, just because I asked her if she spoke German after reading, that she had ordered German books. Thanks Kendra!
I kind of feel that I am slowly arriving in the blogosphere. I leave comments, I get comments, People link to my blog and I link to other peoples blogs. It's really fun and I totally admit that I have become addicted to that cyber world over that long and boring summer.

However, I did manage to finish my thesis as well. Who would have thought... All I have to do now is write my conclusion and proof read it over and over. A week from today, I plan on having a neat stack of my bound books on my otherwise clutter free desk. I look forward to the next week. I will go home tomorrow, because it is the last week before school really starts and I will have to work again. Tomorrow is our national holiday as well (reunification day). I might write a bit about that in the next days.

Congratulations on completing your thesis! What a relief!!
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