Samstag, Oktober 22, 2005


Platonow von Tschechow

Sorry for the long absence, but I have been really busy during the past days and now is the first time since Wednesday, that I have been able to sit down, read my favourite blogs and respond to my E-Mails. On Wednesday night, I went to see the play "Platontow" by Anton Tschechow at the Staatstheater in Stuttgart. I went with two friends and we had a great time. It all started with a big surprise: the play would take 3 3/4 hours. That is VERY long. We decided to leave during intermission, if we would not like it, but we did. I truly believe, that it needed to be that long for the story to unfold and take shape. The second surprise was, that we were given seats in the third row. Great we thought, but oh, we were wrong. I was sitting right next to the stage, that theay had build to reach the seats. Right next to it. And the Platonow guy was already lying there, when we got in. Talk about uncomfortable. I could have touched his face without even leaning over.

Basically, the play is about a cynical teacher, who used to be brilliant and no lives a boring life in the russian province. All women like him: his wife, the rich widow and his girlfriend from university. And they all want to be with him. However, this is just the superficial outline. The play is much deeper, as it explores the life of all those people arround Platonow and their relationships. The end is a bit dramatic, when they all take turns shooting Platonow...

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