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Travelling in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Part 1

One year ago, I was on the other site of this earth. I wasn't enjoying fall in Germany and I wasn't going to classes and writing papers. I was in Argentina and I travelled to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. It was a trip that literally took me to the End of the Earth and it was wonderful. The Landscape there is breathtaking and beautiful and I had a absolutely great time. I lucked out with my group as well. Very nice people and we all got along so well.

On November 9th last year, we left the hotel early in the morning. We made it to the airport in time (or at least we thought so). It turned out, that the airline had lost one reservation, but after much running and organising and such, we all made it. Strangely enough, we had to fly to Ushuaia first and then back to Calafate. The weather that day was wonderful and getting out of the airport, you could really smell Patagonia. You could see the wide open sky and the mountains and the endless steppe-like plains.

Our hostel was brand new and clean and very empty (it was early in the season). Calafate was a very lively town with lots of shops and restaurants for the tourists. You could tell, that the people were not as poor as the"average" person in Patagonia. Later on the trip, our bus broke down in one very depressing small town, where there were no tourists and no money.
That night, we went to a local restaurant and had huge amounts of meat in every possible way. All you can eat of course. And then we had our first night in Patagonia to get ready for our tour to the Perito Moreno Glaciar the next morning.

The Hostal del Glaciar in Calafate

Map of my Travel Itinerary

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