Dienstag, November 15, 2005


Travelling in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Part 4

Okay, where was I. Ahh, yes, the looong hiking tour in El Chaltén. The next da, November 12th, we did not do much at all. We spend the day in tiny El Chaltén, walking arround, shopping (haha) and eating. Some people were actually fit enough to do another hike, but not me. We even saw Mount Fitzroy and Cerro Torre from the village.

In the evening, we took the bus back to Calafate and spend the night there.
On November 13th in rained the whole time while we were in another bus crossing the border from Argentina to Chile. We got to Puerto Natales in the afternoon and got settled in a very interesting family-owned hostel. We were scheduled to go on a three day camping trip to the Torres del Paine National Park the next morning. In the evening, we met up with our guides Bea and Joy got our equipmet ready and had a fabulous meal and slideshow in the local youth hostel. The sunset was spectacular, despite the rainy day.

On November 14th, an early morning busride took us to the National Park, where we brought all our stuff to the campground and started walking! The weather was not too bad, but still quite foggy and raining a bit. During the 4 hour walk, we kept talking about the 3 famous Torres, that we were going to see at the end of the hike. It turned out, that we could NOT see them because they were hidden in FOG. Very disappointing.

This is me in front of the Torres
This is how it is supposed to look!!
(Source: http://www.cqj.dk/mix-photo2-eng.htm)

The hike was fairly challenging, but not nearly as hard as the one in El Chaltén. The day ended with a great asado (barbecue) at the campground and an early night in our tents. You can sleep sooo good, after such a day.

I think the picture looks amazing.

And I love how great you sleep after a hard day like that.

Thanks for sharing.
Those pictures are out-of-this-world amazing! The colors of the sky are so interesting and I've never seen anything like it! When I travel I like being pampered, but it's cool that you guys kinda "roughed it", better that way if wanting to be close to nature.
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