Mittwoch, November 16, 2005


Travelling in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Part 5

November 15th started out grey, rainy and foggy. Not a good time to be in the famous Torres del Paine National Park. We packed up camp and made our way across the lake (with a boat) to another campground. This day, we were headed towards the Valle Frances (French Valley). Not as challenging as the day before, because it is not as much going uphill. It was hard anyways. However, after about 1 hour, the sky started to clear and all around us beautiful mountians kept showing up.

Every turn we made, another one and another great view. We took so many pictures that day... Amazing what a difference the Sun makes. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of rolling up my pants and as a result, I got many stones in my shoes... Not good when you are on a hiking trip. I also got a real bad sunburn, but who cares. Wonderful day.

The next morning, I was really torn between staying at the camp and just doing some short hikes and going to Glacier Grey. I decided to do the walk about halfway and then head back with another guy from our group. I was the best decision, because my blisters hurt really bad and the two hours at the camp just relaxing and enjoying the sun were wonderful. I am glad I got to see the glacier though.

In the evening, we took the boat and the bus back to Puerto Natales and went to bed after a long hot shower. I didn't even have dinner! It was amazing to sleep in a warm room in a comfortable bed after two nights in a tent. I keep wondering how I survived my 4-week-camping-trip in the US. Well, it was a LOT warmer there.

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