Freitag, November 18, 2005


Travelling in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Part 6

On November 17th, we took the bus to Punta Arenas, the biggest town so far.
It was quite touristy again, but also had lots of regular people living
there. Kids were just getting home from school, there were businesses that
were not tourism related... We stayed at yet another intersting hotel. All
the rooms looked different. Some were really tiny while others were huge.
This was the day to do some laundry, have a normal lunch at the wonderful
Café Luna and just relax a bit. It was very weird seeing so many people
again (and Punta Arenas is still small) after the solitude at the National
Parks. In the afternoon, we took a bus to the Otway Penguin Colony. This was
something most people had been really looking forward to. I had already been
at a much bigger Penguin Colony in October (Peninsula Valdés), so I was not
that excited. There were very few Penguins, but they were cute. Ian got some
great pictures:

The next day was extremly boring: we sat on a bus to Ushuaia for 13 hours. It broke down once leaving us waiting for another bus in some small town for about an hour. We had fun though. I think I read about 2 books that day (The Da Vinci Code and one about Australian Triplets). We played stupid little games like 20 questions, crossed the border to Argentina again and ate a lot of Junk Food. We got to Ushuaia really late, it was freezing cold and pouring rain...

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