Samstag, Dezember 31, 2005


Happy New Year!

Here is to the new year 2006. May it be better and more exciting than 2005. Nothing really bad happened in 2005, but nothing really wonderful either. No big vacation, no big events, no big change. Just some plain old year, that will end like it started: quietly. At least I am not sick again and will be able to have a nice evening with Pizza and Board Games and good friends.
Hoping that everyone will have a splendid evening. Happy New Year!

This year was bittersweet for me but I think 2006 will be much better, and I am definitely hoping to fit in more travel. Happy New Year Katja!!
Happy New Year! I hope that 2006 will be a wonderful year for you and that many happy days will greet you.
Here's to 2006 bringing great things for you Katja!
Hope you have a wonderful new year! :-)
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