Montag, Dezember 26, 2005


There is nothing cuter...

...than children dressed up in creative and wonderful costumes acting in a church christmas play. They were all soo excited and sang great songs. My goddaughter and her sister also participated and I am always happy to see them in their school or music plays. They both had a birthday in December (11th and 25th) and their house looks like an enormous toy and book store... I guess their parents are really happy, that this crazy time of year is almost over (especially since their two-year-old boy keeps making a BIG chaos!). I will be spending the next couple of days with my Au Pair friends and today I will enjoy one day of solitude (my family is already skiing in Austria). My Grandma is taking me out for lunch and after it will just be me and the couch and the TV!

Thank you for your wonderful commenting. It is so nice to know that someone way over in Germany has found our little piece of the web. All my best.
I know you enjoyed your outing with your oma. Hope you have many more great times together.
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