Montag, Januar 09, 2006


Pictures and Videos of the Biathlon Worldcup in Oberhof

For those of you who didn't know, I have travelled to Oberhof the past weekend and attended the Biathlon Worldcup. If you have never heard of this sport here is an explanation in English and in German. I loved the event, the audience was great and the German athletes were excellent. I have posted some pictures of myself (red jacket, black hat) and my friends as well as a picture of Alexander Wolf, who came in second place on Saturday (Sprint). He is most definitely the best-looking athlete in the German team! Go Ali, go Ali! The first video shows the LaOla in the Stadium and the second video shows the last shooting in the women's mass start competition. Martina Glagow got them all and won her first competition this season.

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Hi Katja!

Na, hast du unser Biathlon-Wochenende schon verdaut?
Und hast du mitbekommen, dass Rico Gross vor dem letzten Schießen einen Hexenschuss hatte?!? Da darf er auch danebenschießen!
Grüßle Mel
The energy from the croud looks great. How exciting!!

(It also looks like it still really cold in Germany...but I still miss it!)
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