Sonntag, Januar 15, 2006


Spanglish, Chick Lit and the Golden Globes

Anyone else there excited about all the award shows coming up in the next weeks and months? I certainly am. Tomorrow night the Golden Globes will air and I really hope Brokeback Mountain will get some well-deserved Awards. I haven't seen the movie yet (it will not show here until March 9th), but I have only read and heard really good reviews. So many good movies opening in the next weeks and I will also go to the Berlin Film Festival. Yay.
Last night I watched another movie, that I can recommend: Spanglish with Pav Vega, Tea Leoni and Adam Sandler. I really do not like Adam Sandler in most of his roles. I find him annoying and obnoxious, but in Spanglish, he plays a concerned and caring father who has a crazy wive and has to deal with his affection for his maid, Flor. Some really hilarious moments, especially before Flor learns English and it all goes down.
And after watching the movie and German Sports TV (Biathlon of course) I read a very funny novel in bed (in about two hours, fell asleep at 2.30 pm). It is called Funny Valentine and it is a typical example for Chick Lit. Girl with high principles meets a famous movie star and falls in Love. Many twists and turns involved. Happy End. Just what I needed after spending the day studying.

We really liked Spanglish. And I'm with you...I don't typically like Adam Sandler.
I love chick lit. Have you read Sophie Kinsella? Just hilarious!
I am not an Adam Sandler fan either... but I loved the flick Spanglish.

As for Brokeback Mountain.... I have not seen it. However, it is playing in lots of theatres here in my city but a rich developer who owns like two major 20 screen each theatres has BANNED it... I guess when you own something there is not restriction on freedom of speech here in America..... His loss because the rest of the movie theatres are packing in the house!!!!!!

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