Montag, Januar 02, 2006


Three years ago

Three years ago, exactly on this day, I had a pretty bad skiing accident in Austria and broke my arm. It happened at about 11.30h and it took the rescuers more than 2 hours to get me to the hospital. The pain was excruciating and I ended up having surgery the same night. I've been having a nail and 4 screws in my upper left arm and will have them removed in February. That was really a GREAT way to start 2003... However, I was really lucky, that nothing worse happened. My skiing advise to everybody: don't ski, if there is barely snow!

I was sorry to learn of your accident even if it is all better now. I can definitely empathize with you because I fell off a ramp in Aug., 1995 and I was 3 years getting over it (screws, bolts & all). I still have pain. I was told I would not walk again but I do very well.Now I worry about my son, daughter & grandkids skiing. Take care!
Let us know how it goes when you have the screws, etc removed.
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