Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2006


Movie Recap

I have seen many many movies in the last couple of days. First, to distract me from my upcoming exams and now, as a reward for being done with all my exams. I can only truly recommend one of the four films and that would be

Found your blog through "American Mama in Berlin" ... I have just returned from a weekend in Berlin to see films and meet people ... A great city. You live in Koln too I see? How do you like it?

I'll check back with your blog ...

Did you see "Slumming?"

I really want to see Match Point, by Woody Allen. I saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it was "okay" but nothing special, and as far as romantic comedies, those are rarely any good so I tend to stay away. I was an extra on the film set of The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston, and that should be opening later this month so maybe I'll go see it, just to see if I can spot myself! ;-)
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