Sonntag, Februar 19, 2006


A very nice Weekend

Sunday night, my birthday, my party, my graduation. Everything is over. Now I must face the reality of moving and having surgery next week. I very much prefer having parties and celebrating, but noboby is asking me... Anyway, it was great to receive my diploma and to see all my friends last night. They all brought delicious food and we pretty much ate the whole evening. We had so much leftovers, my Mum did not even need to cook lunch this afternoon. Gotta love the birthday food. Oh, and I got FIVE cakes. All very very good, with cream and chocolate and everything. Still behind on everything else in my life. If only they had Internet in the hospital next week, but they don't. My laptop is broken anyways, so it doesn't really matter. The Berlin post I promised is still only written in my mind, but it was fantasic at the Film Festival. Last night the Jury announced the winning movies. However, we did not see any of them. Moritz Bleibtreu winning the Silver Bear for best acting in "Elementarteilchen" made me really happy. I think he is a terrific actor (for all you non-Germans, look for him in "Munich", he plays Andreas) and I look forward to see this film very soon!

Happy birthday Katja and congratulations on your graduation. You will be in my thoughts, hope all goes well in the hospital.
I am glad that you had a great birthday. Wow! 5 cakes! And I have only received ONE in my entire life!

Best wishes to you as you have your surgery this week. I pray that all will go well and that you will be good as new in no time! Take care and know my thoughts are with you.
Happy birthday and happy graduation. Good for you! I bet you are so happy.

I didn't know about the surgery. That was probably in one of your German posts. I hope all is well.
Hi Katja,

Happy birthday...your cake looks pretty darn yummy! Hope everything goes well with your'll be in my thoughts. Please post as soon as you get access to a computer so we all know everything is fine.

Take care,
Donna :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Cake looks really yummy! Best wishes on moving forward to your post-college life, it'll all be very exciting for you I'm sure.
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