Freitag, März 17, 2006


Guess which IKEA item cost the most?






Or pressa?

I love IKEA! And wow, you actually bought an ironing board--I didn't think people still used ironing boards, I go out wrinkled since I'm too lazy to iron. ;-)
Why is nobody guessing? Come on people, what is the most expensive thing on that list??
Ich tippe auf den Kuchen. Warum? Weil der so lecker ist und ich deshalb glaube, er muß auch teurer sein als ein Bügelbrett!
I'm going to guess the cake, but only because I would rather have the cake than any of the other items. If I'm right, do I win the cake? ;-)
Would it be the wood? I think it would be here in the US, especially since the hurricanes, etc. I know it has increased tremendously lately because we have bought some. Certain types of razors are quite expensive here, especially some of the blades! What's the answer?
For all of you who played along, here is the answer:
the most expensive item I bought at IKEA on Friday were the light bulbs. Nobody guessed it though.
Yes, that's right. The light bulbs cost nine euros, the cake was only 4 euros and the wood 1,49. The ironing board was 6,99 and the lamp 4,99 I think. So now we know how IKEA makes that much money. They offer you cheap lamps and you have to pay a lot more for the light bulbs…
Funny! We just made a MASSIVE Ikea trip a few days ago. We decided we were never going to call a contractor about built-ins for the office and went to Ikea and bought an entire truckload of Billy bookcases. Now we just have to put them together... booooo. ;-)
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