Freitag, März 10, 2006


Wedding Crasher

Last night I watched Wedding Crashers on DVD. The movie itself was quite funny, although I did not like some scenes and characters (the Mom, the Gay Brother). They were so stereotypical and annoying, as well as Gloria. The love story between John and Claire was sweet, but a bit underrepresented. I guess the main story was actually the concept of crashing weddings and the friendship between John and Jeremy. Rachel McAdams was sweet, as well as Owen Wilson. Vince Vaughn was annoying as usual. All in all an average, but entertaining movie with some funny (and a lot of embarassing) scenes!

I haven't seen this movie, yet. But I think Owen Wilson is a dream boat. Yummy!
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Somehow I felt that Wedding Crasher was trying too hard to be funny, same as with Meet the Fockers. I don't like comedy that is forced. Btw, Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston filmed The Breakup in Chicago and the release date has been pushed to June 2006 from what I understand. I was an extra in the Cubs Game (baseball) scene, so look for me somewhere in the stadium among a few hundred other people! ;-)
Have you realized that the movie expects you to laugh about a cheater putting laxative into someone else's drink, who (up to then) has not done any harm to anybody!? I know it is a comedy, but what moral does it show if the "good guy" may make use of this kind of means? To me, this just shows the declining level of recent hollywood comedies....
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