Freitag, April 28, 2006


Long weekends

I love the months of May and June. Really, I do. There are two long weekends in each month and you gotta appreciate that! On Monday, it is May 1st. A national holiday in Germany, because it is Labor day. May 25th is Ascencion Day, June 5th Pentecost Monday and June 15th Feast of Corpus Christi. The weather is okay right now, but it is supposed to be pretty cold this weekend. Too bad, I really like to get out by bike or on a hike on May 1st. There are people out everywhere and you can go to "Maifeste" everywhere. Local clubs or "Vereine" pitch large beer tents and you can hike from event to event! FUN, even though I neither like beer nor enjoy the traditional "Blasmusik"!

Enjoy your long weekends! We don't celebrate Christian holidays here in the States (except for Christmas), and after Martin Luther King Day in mid-January the next holiday is not until Memorial Day in late-May. Then we get Independence Day off in July and Labor Day in early September. Not much compared to the Europeans. ;-)
Happy May Day!! When I lived in South Carolina, we actually had a large celebration each year... I'm jealous of your wonderful long weekends! Enjoy them!!
Happy MayDay, Katja! I'm glad you have the holiday. Every day is now a holiday for me since retirement, but I did enjoy those special days such as Easter Monday, Christmas, Thanksgiving. Hope the day for you is beautiful!
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