Donnerstag, April 13, 2006


Maundy Thursday

Today is one of my favorite days in spring. I like Easter, but the Thursday before Easter I like even more. It is alwys the first day of Easter vacation and now, that I am not in school anymore, it is at least the first day of a very nice long weekend (Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays in Germany). I took the day off and came home last night. The weather is sort of crabby, but we are used to it by now. I think we had about two nice and slightly warm days at all this spring... Okay, back to Gründonnerstag or Maundy Thursday, as it is called in the english-speaking world. It obviously is the day of the last supper, that Jesus shared with his apostels. And it is also almost the last day of Lent. In my region in the South of Germany, there is a very special meal, that we traditionally eat on Maundy Thursday: Maultaschen (I love, that Wikipedia has a post about this in ENGLISH). Maultaschen are made of pasta dough and filled with onions, spinach, minced meat, herbs and other stuff. Similar to Ravioli, but a lot larger and soo yummy! They were invented by monks a long time ago, because they were trying to hide the fact, that they were eating meat during lent! You can buy them in the store at any time of the year and we eat them very often. However, Maundy Thursday is the only time of the year, that we make them ourselves.

Lenting Season lasts till sunday, you heathen...can't wait...all I am gonna do on sunday is eat chocolate and chips...gosh, can't wait...are we still on for next weekend???
Hm, Neid Neid! Ich musste gestern arbeiten und kam dann nach der Musikprobe um 20.00h heim. Hab dann noch einen Joghurt gegessen....
Will auch haben!
I especially loved the following sentence in the Wikipedia article: "Also called "Mauldäschle" in the Swabian dialect". This is just so funny - however true ;-)
Greetz from NY,
And so Easter is a 4 day weekend in Germany?! I didn't know that. The food looks yummy.
I didn't know that either about the Maultaschen and I love them. I'm not sure if there's a traditional Gründonnerstag meal in northern Germany.
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