Sonntag, Mai 21, 2006


Salzburg rocks

Just got back from an interesting and exciting weekend in Salzburg and the Salzkammergut with a very good friend. We had a workshop there from Friday afternoon until this morning and decided to extend the trip to 1 day in Salzburg. Very good decision. The weather was pretty bad most of the time, but I managed to get really sunburned during the three sunny hours we had yesterday. Salzburg is really neat. Just small enough and with many interesting sights. We went to a Mozart exibition (2006 is Mozart year) and the Festung (castle). We did not take the Sound of Music Tour, my friend didn't even know the movie (nobody in Europe does....). And the Sound of Music tours are only in english... On Friday, we drove out to the Wolfgangsee. Very pretty area, especially when the sun came out. Originally, we wanted to hike to St Wolfgang this afternoon, but when we saw the rain, we drove to Bad Ischl instead. More about Bad Ischl, Sissi, Franzl and the european equivalent of Sound of Music tomorrow.

More pictures in my Flickr Album!

During my trip to Germany and Austria, we had a "too brief" stop in Salzburg. How I would love to return! I thought it was so very picturesque! Glad you enjoyed your trip and look forward to hearing more about your tours. (Sound of Music tour would excite me very much!)
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