Mittwoch, Mai 24, 2006


Sissi and Franzl - a love story?

Who are the myserious Sissi and Franz I keep writing about? Well, they were Elisabeth of Bavaria, Empress consort of Austria and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph I. of Austria. In the german-speaking world, they are better known as Sissi and Franzl, only because of a movie. However, 'Sissi' is not any movie. It is one of the most popular movies I know. Not because it is correct in any historical way or because it is a good film, but because it is soooo romantic and just a classic. We watch it at least once a year and I LOVE IT. The two sequels are okay, but it is the first movie, that really warms your heart. Young Sissi, played by a lovely and young Romy Schneider, grows up protected and surrounded by animals and siblings in Bavaria. She just turned 15, when politics decide, that her older sister, Nene, should marry her cousin and become the Empress of Austria. Sissi travels with her mother and her sister to Bad Ischl (where I was on Sunday), where Nene and the young emperor should get engaged. Franzl chooses Sissi instead and seals her future as a 'prisoner' at the court in Vienna. Her real life wasn't as romantic and in 1898, she was killed by an anarchist! She was as pretty as Romy Schneider though. If you ever get the chance to watch the, in my opinion, european eqivalent of 'The Sound of Music', do it!

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