Montag, Juni 26, 2006


This will be mine

Yes, I found a place! A very wonderful, very big, very central and a little expensive place to live. I fell in love with the apartement as soon as I walked into the door. The house was build in 1954, but is renovated with central heating and all sorts of modern stuff. There are only 5 apartements, which is great! I hate those big impersonla houses and I really like to know my neighbors. My apartment is on the ground floor and has this beautiful balcony. The room is quite big with a niche for my bed. The kitchen and bathroom are seperate rooms (yes, no kitchen closet) and, well, I just love it. I'll be signing the papers on Saturday and I can move in on August 15th! Can't wait!

Congratulations on finding a great apartment! The balcony area is very nice and the apartment sounds great too. I know you will enjoy it!
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I love it. It sounds amazing. And I agree that the huge buildings are horrible. A small place like this will be so great. And the heating will be super good in winter.

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Katja,thanx.You are very a pure German.
What a lovely, balcony with lots of greenery. I hope you enjoy your new place!

Donna :)
your apartment sounds great and balcony looks wonderful. enjoyed reading about your commute..
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