Samstag, Juli 22, 2006


Travel Plans

My last "real" vacation (my definition is very special: a real vacation means getting on a plane and fly to a different country, not skiing, no weekend city trip) was in 2004, when I travelled in Patagonia and spend 4 months in Argentina. Last year, I neither had time nor money to travel and this year, it's the same thing.

Now that I have a job and at least some idea, what I will do and where I will live next year, I am officially planning a trip next year. At the moment, I am considering three countries.

My choice will depend on:
a) Travel time (either spring, summer, fall or winter 2007)
b) Money
c) My brother
d) Money

The choices are:
1. Thailand
+ very cheap
+ great country to get a feeling for Asia
+ beaches and culture
+ good winter destination
- relatively expensive flight
- humidity
- three weeks minimum (could be a + as well)

2. Spain (Andalucia)
+ I speak the language
+ easy to reach from Germany (Train or Plane)
+ could be arranged with very little planning
+ culture and beaches
- daily expenses would be pretty high (compared to Asia)

3. Canada
+ I'd get to see my three kids
+ I know a lot of people (in Ontario)
+ West Coast Canada is high on my must-see-list
+ I speak the language
- only a summer option which means
- very expensive flights
- very high expenses for travelling
- depends on my brother (he might get an internship in Canada next spring)

I am sort of leaning towards Thailand, because I really think, that I should do the longer flights and "exotic" destinations while I am still young. I can still travel in Europe, once I have a family or when I am 75 :-)

So I spend my commute reading travel guides and brochures, thinking about my next vacation...
I even found this great page, that generates a customized packaging list!

One comment: You are awesome. Any of those trips would be and will be fantastic and you speak the language. Unreal. Go for it.
I hear Thailand is an amazing place to visit. We have a few friends that have been and say how wonderful it is (plus it's super cheap).

British Columbia is so much fun. We go there a lot. But you are right, it isn't cheap. If you do go, Ken and I promise to drive up to Vancouver to meet you!!

Good luck deciding!
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